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Who We Are?

A constellation of elite Saudi consultants who have received their competence and training from different places.

Our Mission & Goals

We are here to serve the patients with welcome. We are here to provide all services to you under one roof. We are here for the satisfaction of the references and happiness and this is the nominal goal of all the staff of the clinic.

Our Slogan

Honesty and transparency in dealing. Where the patient can inquire
and claim all his rights with welcoming and complete help from us.

The Beginning

A group of doctors gathered in a scientific lecture and discussed the idea and objective as the Saudi doctor became the demand of the references and hence was the beginning
of the SaudiDent Group.

What Distinguishes Us

Saudi Dent Group is unique in providing all the specialties of dentistry in one place under the supervision of a group of Saudi consultants with clinical experience that provide treatment with the latest equipment and methods and a high degree of scientific.

Our Principles & Mission is WE CARE

  • Working in partnership with the community and being community friendly organization.
  • Establishing evidence-based practices to achieve highest quality standards in healthcare services especially in dentistry to meet client expectation.
  • Create a safe environment for our customers as well as our staff.
  • Achieving the financial goals through managing opportunities and efficient utilization of resources.
  • Recognizing our staff through creation of an environment where each person is valued and has growth opportunity.
  • Ensuring our role improving patient quality of life and customer relation management.

Trust is the principle we seek by providing the best medical experience without pain and post-treatment attention to all the patients.


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Board Of Directors

We have dedicated ourselves over ten years in order to offer our customers the highest level in dental medical services. We are proud to be the first to apply the sub disciplinary approach in modern dentistry in Asir. In the past, the dentist treated all diseases and problems of the mouth and teeth.

Our doctors and support staff are the most experienced nurses and technicians due to the active continuing medical education program at Saudi Dent Academy and we look forward to being one of the largest in Asir. It is useful in transferring the skills and medical expertise gained between our doctors and also to the doctors who do not work with us through regular medical meetings held at the Saudi Dent Academy.
The medical staff of Saudi Dent Group consists of qualified doctors and faculty members at King Khalid University in Abha in addition to nursing staff, technicians and quality specialists.
When the time comes for surgery, we believe in the importance of medical education for our clients as an essential part of a successful decision. This information is useful in planning the right decision.

We also believe in the importance of serving the community and have therefore dedicated programs.


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